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Name:Daniel Brown
Birthdate:Jan 31, 1992
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Website:Kink Preferences
OC created for RP in [community profile] the_love_hotel. PB is Victor Norlander, icons by Hollow-Art. Player and character are both over 18. Preferences are here

Daniel is a college student by day, and drag performer by night. He considers himself to be less of a drag queen and more of a crossdresser with a love theatrical exhibition - wearing women's clothing turns him on and he frequently wears panties under his jeans.

When he's not en femme, he tends to be pretty average - he works out regularly and gets good grades, and is even a member of a fraternity. If his frat brothers ever found out about his other life... well, he doesn't want to know what they'd do to him.

Still feeling out this character and defining him - so willing to try pretty much anything once.
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